Ana María Avilés Toro was born in 1981 in Santiago de Chile, where she grew up, studied and worked until 2007 when she moved to Germany. During the time in Chile she specialized in the area of Second Language Education.

It all started to germinate during her childhood; she used to find fun and pleasure in creating scenarios where she and her friends could play reality, where everything was allowed. She had this premature conviction that everything was possible and that having that certainty in the back of the mind was the corner stone for any creation. This belief, the circumstances around and her desire for creativity, brought her into art after she decided to move to Germany. Through the years and an intuitive exploratory work in colors, composition and different techniques, she developed a distinctive style of her own.

  She captures what is universal to make it personal; solitary places, old objects, the everyday. These are the foundations of her paintings; where intense red, turquoise and brown colors subtly move through the composition’s passages in order to recreate a new reality.


Ana María has exhibited her work in different art fairs and galleries around her area in Germany. She primarily works with acrylic paints in her home studio in Dortmund, where she still thinks everything is possible.

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